Size Chart and Suit Measurement Breakdown


Not all clothes come sized the same, so here is a handy guide in converting from one sizing method to another. Keep in mind that these are estimations and sizes do vary between companies and cuts. 
Size | Chest Measurements
X-Small | 34"-36"
Small | 36" - 38"
Medium | 38" - 40"
Large | 40" - 42"
X-Large | 42"-44"
XX-Large | 44" - 46"

Suit Measurements

Unable to come in for a suit fitting? No worries - follow the subsequent instructions and you'll have your measurements ready to email through to us.
1) Neck - Measure around your neck (the part where a shirt collar will sit) in inches. Allow 1/4 to 1/2 extra for comfort.
2) Waist - Measure your waist. Ensure you are measuring your actual waist and not around your hips (where jeans tend to sit). Our hire suits are all fitted in such a way that the trousers must sit on your waist to give the perfect look.
3) Inside Leg - This step traditionally requires assistance. Stand up straight and face forward (don't look down at any point as this will alter the way the trousers sit, thus giving a false measurement). Hold the top of the top at the highest point of your inner seam and have somebody run the tape down your inside leg until it just touches the floor. This will give you an accurate measurement of your true inside leg.
4) Chest - Measure around your chest (under your armpits) and pull the tape until you feel most relaxed. It is important you don't pull the tape too tightly or your jacket and waistcoat will be too small.
Disclaimer -- Please note that the above instructions are a guide and we can accept no responsibility for any issues that may occur with sizing if you have supplied your own measurements.

Leg Lengths

Short - 29"
Regular - 31"
Long - 33"
The majority of our trousers are a 'Regular' length. If you require a longer leg, feel free to contact us by phone or email and we can look at getting a longer leg.
Alternatively if you require a shorter leg, we offer an alteration service at half price for products bought from us. Just let us know in the note section of your order what leg length you need and we will alter the leg before posting.


55cm - 6 7/8
56cm - 7
57cm - 7 1/8
58cm - 7 1/4
59cm - 7 3/8
60cm - 7 1/2
61cm - 7 5/8


Small - 32"-34"
Medium - 35"-36"
Large - 38"-40"
X Large - 42"-44"