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At Samuel Daw & Co, we are constantly preparing for one thing every year. The summer rush. It's a busy time for us, with summer weddings, people on holiday looking to shop local, and most of all, School Summer Holidays. 

A new intake of students is right round the corner and as of recently, we have become the only stockist of secondary school uniforms in the area. As you can imagine, with our shop not being the biggest, things can get busy and cramped quickly. So every year always boils down to one simple question.

How can we make the school rush as easy and painless as possible? For everyone.

Well that is what we are talking about todaySchool Blazers, because we've made some changes. Some of you may have already noticed that the back of the shop is no longer accessible to customers. The reason is that area was always used to stock school uniforms anyway, why not make it an actual stock room. So we've blocked it off, allowing us to make MORE space for uniform, so we can stock more than we have in the past. More uniform means less waiting.

So how do we get our uniform?

It couldn't be easier. We have designed a simple, easy to fill out ticket. We have sample sizes available to try on the shop floor as always. Once you are happy you know your sizes you simply fill in the slip and take it to the till. A staff member on the till will process the transaction and pass the ticket to a picker who will grab your uniform for you, and bag it up ready to go. 

In the early stages of the summer holidays, this process will be pretty quick, almost instant, but as the holiday goes on and we get busier, we can take the ticket and pick your order whilst you enjoy the sun and shops. Then when you are ready to leave, just pop back in with your order number and we should have your uniform ready and waiting. 

It couldn't be simpler. Right?

Well maybe in one way. If you happen to already know what sizes you're looking for, perhaps you just need a size up on a few things from last year, then you can order your uniform online! You can arrange to collect it in store next time your passing, or have it delivered direct to your door.

That all sounds pretty easy and straight forward. Nether the less, past experience has proven to us that school season is never smooth sailing. Our suppliers provide uniform for stockists across the country and supply issues CAN happen. So for that reason, we would encourage you to come in as early as possible. We can help size your child with growing room and it gives you a much better chance of getting the size you want in time for back to school. 

And that's our plan this year!

This should make the whole experience as pleasant for customers as possible, and keep everything moving smoothly. And of course we will constantly be looking to improve throughout the summer holiday as we find any bumps in the road. 

So we look forward to seeing you all over the summer holiday. 

Kind Regards
The Samuel Daw & Co Team

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